• SI.AL. installed the fall arrest systems on the work symbol of EXPO 2015 - MILAN

    SI.AL.  designed, supplied and installed the fall arrest systems on TREE OF LIFE, the work symbol of EXPO 2015 - MILAN

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  • SI.AL. al BATIMAT 2013 - Parigi
  • SI.AL. al MADEexpo 2013 - Milano

 SI.AL. ®: Made in Italy excellence 


SI.AL. ® is a company that designes, manufactures and installs fall arrest devices and safety systems exclusively produced with proprietary italian machinery in the headquarter based in Italy.


SI.AL. ® is well-known as a point of reference on the safety, training and prevention sector against falls from height either in Italy and abroad. This recognition has been achieved thanks to the professionalism of its technical personnel, to the quality of the company's products and to the participation to the CEN and UNI tables, National Italian Body of Standardisation, of which SI.AL. ® is member.


Trust SI.AL. ® means rely on the competence of the direct producer, on the (service) assistance of a Technical Department constantly update, on a well-prepared and qualified agent/representatives network. It also means excellent experience at any level of intervention requested:




The SI.AL. ® ‘s Technical Department offers free quotations along with a project advise/drawing where there is indicated the dislocation of the devices quoted in order to make graphically evident the safety conditions for the access and the transit at height of the operators.

Project engineers and health and safety managers very appreciate the assistance that SI.AL. ® offers them and they give credit to the reliability and the competence that characterise our company.




For customers who instead wish to work directly with SI.AL. ®, it will be offered an all inclusive service.


Working with its own network of selected collaborators (designers and safety coordinators, structural engineers and qualified installers), SI.AL. ® is able to offer a service that includes:


- at the first stage of the design it offers the risks assessment and an executive project along with evaluation of the structural capacity to the actions transmitted by the anchor devices;

- then the supply of certified devices which position is properly studied and the correct installation carry out by a qualified personnel

- finally, the issue of the declaration of conformity of the devices that comply with the standards of reference, the certificates of correct installation, the eventual documentations that attest the execution of the static test of 5 kN carried out with the AMMOTENDITORE ®, the  manual including the instructions of use and maintenance and log sheets for the occasional interventions and planned inspections.

Designers, installers, health and safety professionals as well as users of protection systems against fall from a height find in SI.AL. ® the right partnerat the right price!


SI.AL. ® our quality, your safety!

SI.AL. our quality, your safety!

 SI.AL. ®: Made in Italy excellence 


SI.AL.®  praises a portfolio of 46 patents and 20 registered trademarks.


This recognition is more and more improving thanks to the constant efforts of the Research and Development Department that is always been involved to study the best and the most innovative solution to solve the problems spotted during the operations at height. 


It’s for this reason that exclusive items have been created such as the hinged plates that can adapt themselves instantaneously to any roof pitch or the AMMOTENDITORE® able to work simultaneously both as energy absorber and dynamometric detector of the tension of the cable.


SI.AL.®’s patents are at the disposal of any professional who works in the safety sector.


Designers, installers and workers using these systems against  falls from a height find in SI.AL.® the right partner . . . at the right price!!


SI.AL. ®  our quality, your safety!

  • Ammotenditore┬«

    L' AMMOTENDITORE® in acciaio inox brevettato da SI.AL.®  è disponibile su richiesta per le linee produttive FLEXLINE®Fast e COVERLINE®.


    L' AMMOTENDITORE® (art. AMT), brevetto depositato BS2009A000011, rappresenta lo strumento indispensabile per l'installatore professionista in quanto svolge una triplice funzione:

    1 – AMMORTIZZATORE: riduce la tensione del cavo in caso di caduta. Lavorando a compressione non deve necessariamente essere sostituito in caso di entrata in funzione; 
    2 – TENSIONATORE: attraverso rotazione assiale regola la tensione nel cavo;



    Certificato come rilevatore dinamometrico analogico, l' AMMOTENDITORE®  consente di eseguire senza l'utilizzo di strumenti esterni il collaudo di trazione statica a 5kN previsto normativamente a verifica della corretta installazione.

    Proprio quest'ultima funziona è particolarmente apprezzata dai professionisti poichè consente l'esecuzione della prova di trazione statica a collaudo del sistema EN 795 classe C senza ricorrere ad onerosi investimenti.


    L'indicatore che si muove lungo il riferimento con scala dinamometrica permette inoltre il preciso raggiungimento della tensione ottimale del cavo in condizioni di esercizio indicata da SI.AL.®  in 2kN.

    Di seguito estratto della normativa UNI EN 795:2002 appendice A relativa alle raccomandazioni per l'installazione, al punto 5 per la Classe C - Dispositivi di ancoraggio che utilizzano linee di ancoraggio flessibili orizzontali:

    "...Per il fissaggio in tutti i materiali, ogni ancoraggio strutturale di estremità...dovrebbe essere sottoposto a una prova di trazione a conferma della resistenza del fissaggio. La forza di prova dovrebbe essere 5kN. L'ancoraggio strutturale dovrebbe sopportare la forza per 15 s."
    L'AMMOTENDITORE®  è lo strumento indispensabile per l'installatore che esige la certezza della bontà del proprio lavoro...e non teme di renderla evidente !

SI.AL. our quality, your safety!

 SI.AL. ®: Made in Italy excellence 


SI.AL.® is a forward-thinking company and strongly receptive with regard to the requested and need of innovations..


At the same time SI.AL. ® treasure the more than 35-year experience of a well-established and qualified carpentry in which SI.AL. ®has its own origin.


The entire production, from laser cutting to assembly, takes place within SI.AL. ® plants’ properties where the quality management system is in compliance with ISO 9001:2008.


The quality of the materials and the efficiency of the production cycle allow us to give a 10-year third-party liability insurances!




Trust SI.AL. ® means feeling fully protected from the point of view of coverage insurances:

All items manufactured are covered against manufacturing defaults by special insurance policies for Third-Party Liability stipulated with the major insurance companies with a coverage cap of ten million euros ( € 10,000,000.00 ) + another ten millions euros on installation when this is entrusted to SI.AL. ®.





The laser marking applied on every single components of the system allows the traceability of the same: from the raw material till the invoicing SI.AL. ® records every production phase to guarantee the insurance coverage TPLI products to the maximum cap available on the market.


The stainless steel cable ø 8 mm used to realise the flexible horizontal anchor line has an internal strip marked “SI.AL. ®” to guarantee the traceability and defend the client who wants to protect its own patrimony through the coverage cap of € 10,000,000.00 offered by SI.AL. ®.


Each product complies with the technical standard of reference that specifies the requirements, the test methods and the instruction for use and marking: their conformity is attested by a certification issued by the Ministry-appointed body.


SI.AL. ® our warranties, your safety!

SI.AL. our quality, your safety!

SI.AL. ® believes in good values that determine the way of working of its own collaborators. 


To keep SI.AL. ®’s  high-quality levels well-known and appreciated by its customers, it is important that these values should be shared and supported by everyone depending on the role and responsibility each one have in the company:


Humility and willpower.

We respect our colleagues, clients and suppliers as well as our fair competitors. We are able to accept advices and we take them to heart. Our willpower determines our brilliant results.


Continue will to improve ourselves.

We call what we have realised into question. If we have a better idea we are organized in order to develop it and, as often happens, turn it into a new patent.


Collaboration and enthusiasm.

Together we have the power to solve the problems perceived as insormountable by our client. That is what we do every day with very naturalness.


Be brave to be different.

A good solution could turn into a better one. We know that meeting the requirements of our clients by giving innovative solutions, we contribute to inspire all the involved protagonists and to improve the whole safety sector.


Taking charge and delegate responsibility.

We encourage our collaborators to take advantage of their potential and to go beyond their expectations. At the same time we want to treasure our own mistakes and give credit to who can help us doing better.


SI.AL.®  our values, your safety!

SI.AL. our quality, your safety!

Information on the treatment of the personal data to the senses of the Italian Legislative Decree n. 196/2003.


SI.AL.® undertakes to protect the privacy of the personal data of the users of its own services in compliance with the provided regulation of the Italian Legislative Decree n. 196/2003 about the privacy of the personal data.

SI.AL. our quality, your safety!

The environmental conservation is an integral part of the company policy.


SI.AL.®’s commitment is to minimize the environmental damage starting, as the most important requisite, from the respect of legislative directives of reference.


The risk potential of our plant is regularly checked, the organisational measures and safety devices constantly updated.

SI.AL. our quality, your safety!

Are you in line with SI.AL.®’s value? Work with us!


Working with SI.AL.® means taking part of a group which work is supported by solid values.


We are looking for some persons who, first of all, would like to share our morals: collaborators / commercial figures with whom develop together the still free areas.


Submit your application to: